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Eyelid Surgery

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. First impressions start with your eyes as well. You can express your self and your feelings through your eyes and actually contents of your speech pale in comparison to the power of the look of an eye. The purpose of a cosmetic eye surgery is not just constructing double eye-lids, but providing a person with more natural, more aesthetically pleasing eyes. In order to assure outstanding and natural results with a high level of satisfaction and to determine what the best treatment is, or combination of treatments, extensive evaluation, assessment, counseling, and testing is performed prior to any treatments. Based on his research and publications in the academic settings and hands-on experience and know-how accumulated through numerous surgeries performed in the past, Dr. Jin-Kyu Lee of the ABLY Clinic has been satisfying customers with quality, excellent and harmonious outcomes and the overall experience of the procedures.

Double Eyelid Surgery

Suture Technique
This method involves placement of one or more permanent sutures into the eyelid to create a crease and doesn’t involve incisions or “cutting”. This can be a non-invasive procedure resulting in a natural looking double eyelid.

Incisional technique
This is the most traditional method for cosmetic blepharoplasty procedure including removal of sagging skin and/or excess fat as necessary. Therefore, this method is most suited for someone with a thick layer of fat on their eyelid and/or excess skin that’s sagging.

Double eyelid re-surgery (Revisional Double eyelid surgery)

Typically double eyelid surgery is thought of as a simple, easy and quick surgery that is commonly and most widely performed cosmetic procedure. However, many do consider a re-surgery and come to us for consultations in that regard. In order to achieve a more harmonious and natural outcome, thorough analyses of the initial surgery prognosis and outcome are required.

Where re-operation is needed, quality and quantity of the tissue preserved, skin remained, and tissue adhesion can be the determining factors. At our clinic, most of the double eyelid re-surgeries are performed without much distinction from any first surgeries, based on our expert anatomical knowledge and thorough and detailed assessment.

Medial Epicanthoplasty

Mongolian fold, or medial epicanthal fold, is an inner fold of skin that most Asians have, that drapes in the inner segment of the eye. Medial epicanthoplasty is done by removing a wedge of skin tat the inner portion of the eyelid. This can dramatically open up the eyes and create bigger and wider look of the eyes. We, at the ABLY Clinic, are getting excellent responses from the customers by ingeniously masking the scars of the procedure.

Lateral Canthoplasty

This procedure lengthens the eye size laterally. If your eyes go up too much at the outer ends, lowering of them, combining with opening up the sides can be an effective treatment option.

Upper eyelid surgery

If your eye size is vertically short, this procedure makes your eyes open up and appear big.
By adjusting the ratio of the exposure of the cornea and the white matter, beautiful eyes can be created through this procedure.
For instance, if your cornea is covered up with a skin, this surgery can open up the previously hidden part of the cornea and increase the size of your eyes, creating bigger, clear and brighter eyes.

Lower eyelid filler injection

This procedure adds on flesh to the lower eyelids, thus creating a cute and adorable look when you smile. Appropriate amount of flesh on the lower eyelids can be charming when you smile.

Ptosis - Droopy Upper Eyelid Plastic surgery

When you are young, your skin is elastic and tight. As you get older, the skin elasticity decreases, thus resulting in droopy eyelids that cover up a large portion of your eyes. This can sometimes lead to usage of your forehead to open your eyes. The outer parts of your eyes tend to be more droopy than the inner parts, and watery discharges can occur.
Thus, it’s important to make an incision, remove more of the outer fatty tissues of the upper eyelid than the inner fatty tissues, and pull the area right underneath the eyelashes as necessary. This procedure can produce a younger look and improved vision.

Lower eyelid surgery

As the tarsal membrane under your eyes weakens, the orbital fatty tissues push outward, resulting in bags under your eyes, which make you look tired. A new method has been introduced where the excess under eye fatty tissues and spread out evenly and the excess unnecessary fatty tissues are removed. This can lead to a elastic, younger looking lower eyelids.

Man Double Eyelid

Understanding the double eyelid of male Man generally have the subcutaneous fat less than women and wide shape eyes. Their thick, tough skin is due to exposure to the stress and ultraviolet light. Significantly, the bone above the eye is more protrusive than women.

Considering these points, We usually recommend the natural double eyelid or infold eyelid to avoid the excessive change or display except for people who don’t want specially.

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